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Thursday, 30.03.2023

InterACt is granted a second funding phase

InterACt starts into second funding phaase
Wednesday, 07.09.2022

New areas of application for existing drugs

EU funding for international platform
Friday, 05.08.2022

Novel Exit: A New Pathway is Revealed

New publication on HCMV
Monday, 23.05.2022

New Method Reveals Mechanisms of the Immune System

New publication of the Uetrecht group
Monday, 9.05.2022

DFG approves new Research Training Group at the UKE

Six million euros in funding - Universität Hamburg, LIV, BNITM and CSSB also involved
Monday, 9.05.2022

Institute renaming: HPI Becomes LIV - Leibniz Institute of Virology

HPI goes LIV
Tuesday, 3.05.2022

Inaugural Symposium of the "Center for Data and Computing in Natural Science" (CDCS)

Boost for Data Science in the Natural Sciences
Thursday, 28.04.2022

Prof. Charlotte Uetrecht is the 2022 recipient of the Mattauch-Herzog award

InterACt congratulates warmly
Wednesday, 15/03/2022

Book a Scientist

How can viruses be made visible ice-cold?