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Research Projects of the second funding period

Within the framework of the Leibniz ScienceCampus InterACt, there are various research projects on the topic of "Integrative analysis of pathogen-induced compartments". These projects are typically designed as a collaboration of different local research groups with a networking of different core competences. Below are the projects of the first and second funding phase listed.

Comprehensive proteomic analysis of human cytomegalovirus replication compartments

Brune, Schlüter, Bosse,Topf

Structural-functional characterization of the adenoviral DNA binding protein, a key player in viral replication center formation, viral genome replication and production of viral progeny

Dobner, Witt, Alai, Pearson

Membrane dynamics during rhoptry secretion of the malaria parasite

Gilberger, Grünewald

Herpesvirus genome injection at nuclear core complexes

Grünewald, Baumbach, Kosinski, Thünauer

Formation and dynamics of latent herpesvirus episome compartments

Grundhoff, Grünewald, Bosse, Kurtz

Organization of intracellular membrane in Mycobacteria infected cells

Gutsmann, Topf, Homolka, Dallenga, Schwudke, Schaible, Grünewald, Thünauer

Selective replication of viral genomes through nucleated phase separation

Meier, Bosse, Brune, Hoth, Rosenthal, Grundhoff

The role of lipid droplet biogenesis and metabolism in mycobacterial and viral infections

Reiling, Vieyres, Streit, Thünauer, Gutsmann, Schwudke

Dynamic changes of the interactions during transition from viral genome replication to RNP recruitment and budding in Lassa virus infection

Rosenthal, Topf, Uetrecht, Kehr, Grünewald

Deciphering the multiple roles of Dengue virus non-structural protein 1 in different intracellular compartments

Scaturro, Thünauer, Topf

Employing bacteriophages as a combat tool against pathogenic multispecies biofilms

Streit, Schromm, Rohde, Sondermann, Schaible, Topf

Spatially-resolved bystander effects in viral infections

Vieyres, Fischer, Baumbach, Thünauer, Tsoy

Research Projects of the first funding period

Herpesvirus genome injection at nuclear core complexes

Bosse, Meier, Grünewald, Kosinski

Intracellular membrane organization in Mycobacterium infected cells

Gutsmann, Schaible, Grünewald, Gilberger

Lipid Droplets in infection

Herker, Bosse, Schlüter, Schaible

Viral replication compartments as phase-separated intranuclear domains

Brune (herpes), Dobner (adeno), Grünewald, Meier, Bosse, Schlüter, Maison

Mechanisms and dynamic regulation of viral genome packaging using secondary nucleic acid structures

Uetrecht, Bosse, Pearson, Dobner, Grünewald, Rarey, Twarock

Flexibility of viral induced nuclear egress coat

Grünewald, Rarey, Bosse, Kosinski

Disassembly of the inner membrane complex of Plasmodium falciparum

Gilberger, Grünewald

Dynamics and function of infection compartments and defense-induced cellular re-organizations in plant cells

Hoth, Kehr, Schnittger, Reumann, Meier, Bosse

Phage spread shaping nanostructures of biofilms

Streit, Schaible, Schlüter, Dobner, Ignatova

Computational modelling of virus capsid formation

Grünewald, Topf, Rarey, Uetrecht, Pearson, Baumbach

Integrative analysis of biomacromolecular interactions

Baumbach, Rarey, Uetrecht, Pearson, Grünewald, Topf

Transport form and interactome of plant RNA viruses

Kehr, Uetrecht, Grünewald

Peroxisome-mediated neutralization of antiviral defense strategies

Reumann, Dobner, Kehr

Virus-host interactions essential for Lassa virus genome replication and transcription

Rosenthal, Kosinski

Spatiotemporal coordination of herpesvirus secondary envelopment

Bosse, Grünewald, Topf, Reimer, Thalassinos